Powerlifting Comp Checklist

Preparing for your first competition can be an anxious experience, so keep this list handy for the next time you have a competition the next day & rest assured you’ll weigh in knowing you’ve not left something important at home.

  • Powerlifting Soft Suit
  • T-shirt that covers your shoulders (plain, with no logos)
  • Deadlifting socks (knee height)
  • Short socks for bench & squat
  • Underwear x 2
  • Deadlifting slippers/ shoes
  • Knee sleeves
  • Squat shoes
  • Wrist wraps
  • Lifting belt
  • Spare hair band
  • Mini-band for warm ups
  • Trigger point ball
  • Powerlifting Australia card for identification purposes
  • Water bottle
  • Music – ipod/ phone/ headphones
  • Liquid chalk
  • Towel
  • Pre-workout or caffeine beverage of choice
  • Anything else you need as part of your lifting routine

Girls, you’ll probably need the following too:

  • Bra with no under wire
  • Pad/ tampon

Don’t forget your snacks & food either. Keep in mind you probably aren’t going to feel like eating a full meal at any point outside of your breakfast, so make sure to have some decent carb-based snacks that you eat frequently. Comp day probably isn’t the best time to experiment with new foods.

Consider bringing something more substantial for the break between lifts but you’ll likely find that keeping meals small yet carb dense will be your best bet to minimise bloating, digestion time & maximise your performance.

Good luck!

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