Powerlifting Comp Checklist

Preparing for your first competition can be an anxious experience, so keep this list handy for the next time you have a competition the next day & rest assured you’ll weigh in knowing you’ve not left something important at home. Powerlifting Soft Suit T-shirt that covers your shoulders (plain, with no logos) Deadlifting socks (knee …

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Stop Poking Your Bum Out

By Bec Chambers A lot of the time, when I have a new client come into the gym to run through a movement assessment, I see a lot of anterior pelvic tilt. It’s pretty common in women. However, what I also find is that while standing, relaxed a new client might have good neutral posture …

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Why Your Bro Split Sucks

By Nick Cheadle Does your training split look something like this: Monday – Back & BicepsTuesday – Chest & TricepsWednesday – OffThursday – LegsFriday – ShouldersSaturday – Cardio, Calves, Forearms & AbsSunday – Off If it does, you’re not alone. In fact, most gym goers across the world are following routines almost exactly like this. …

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