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Our vision is to create a premium shared working space for great coaches, clients and members alike that serves its community; an environment in which working conditions are stable, consistent & inclusive & where members can feel safe to train, take part & be; a space where every individual’s achievement is celebrated for what it is.

Our Coaches

over 20 years of combined coaching experience

Our Facilities

State of the art strength, powerlifting & Accessory equipment

Comp spec Bars

Paragon is home to 18 Competition Spec Powerlifting Barbells:
3 x Eleiko Power Bars
6 x Rogue Ohio Power Bars
9 Goliath Power Bars


Calibrated plates

Paragon has 6 complete sets of Competition Spec Calibrated Powerlifting Plates - ensure your success on the platform by training with the equipment you'll use on the day.


combo racks

Paragon has 5 Competition Spec Combo Racks - more than any other powerlifting facility in Australia, so no matter when you train, there will always be a place to squat or bench.


bodybuilding gear

Paragon also has state of the art accessory equipment including a cable crossover, leg press, lat pull down, seated cable row, dumbbells to 50kg, back extension, GHR & more.


fully accessible

Paragon has an accessible change-room, bathroom & shower facility with wheelchair access, in addition to member lockers & a second washroom & bathroom.



With over 20 years of experience between the four coaches that work at Paragon, you won't have any issues tracking down your strength, powerlifting & bodybuilding pursuits.

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Powerlifting Comp Checklist

Preparing for your first competition can be an anxious experience, so keep this list handy for the next time you have a competition the next day & rest assured you’ll weigh in knowing you’ve not left something important at home. Powerlifting Soft Suit T-shirt that covers your shoulders (plain, with no logos) Deadlifting socks (knee

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Stop Poking Your Bum Out

By Bec Chambers A lot of the time, when I have a new client come into the gym to run through a movement assessment, I see a lot of anterior pelvic tilt. It’s pretty common in women. However, what I also find is that while standing, relaxed a new client might have good neutral posture

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Why Your Bro Split Sucks

By Nick Cheadle Does your training split look something like this: Monday – Back & BicepsTuesday – Chest & TricepsWednesday – OffThursday – LegsFriday – ShouldersSaturday – Cardio, Calves, Forearms & AbsSunday – Off If it does, you’re not alone. In fact, most gym goers across the world are following routines almost exactly like this.

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