Membership Options

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COACHING Membership

$ 75 per week
  • Open Gym Access
  • Personalised Programming
  • Access to Supervised Coaching Hours
  • Swipe Key Access: 5am-Midnight

OPEN Membership

$ 35 per week
  • Open Gym Access
  • No Personalised Programming
  • No Access to Supervised Coaching Hours
  • Swipe Key Access: 5am-Midnight


Every member at Paragon begins their journey with a Coaching Membership that includes two one-on-one personal training sessions during their first two weeks. This serves as an opportunity for connection, an introduction into the gym, and an opportunity for us to better understand how we can help you build strength & better integrate you into our facility.

After the initial two week period, members can remain in the Coaching Membership, whereby they will receive their own personalised program & access to our supervised coaching hours. This offers the opportunity for our members to train under supervision & access one-on-one coaching as frequently as they are able to train during the allocated hours. With up to 6 sessions scheduled each week, this allows the opportunity to complete every set of every week under the supervision of our expert coaches.

If you’re not interested in coaching, you are more than welcome to drop down to an Open Gym Membership after your initial two week period & train as per normal.

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